Custom Silicone Molds

Do you have an innovative concept and need a one-of-a-kind, custom gummy mold? Gummy Molds specializes in custom silicone mold production! We manufacture custom gummy moulds from the highest quality silicone we can find.

Custom silicone molds are the perfect way to separate your gummy brand from your competitors. Purchase custom gummy molds and pair it with our Pectin Gummy Recipe to skip  waisting time and money on research and development in the kitchen. 


Easy 4 step process:

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Step #1: Design Exploration

 At your request, we’ll schedule a phone appointment for you to tell us about your design idea and overall project goals and needs, including such matters as the volume you envision, gummy recipes you intend to use, and desired turnaround time. Rest assured you will have our full attention: Our goal is to provide each of our customers individualized, fast, priority service, because we know your time is money.



Custom gummy mold design mock

Step #2: Mold Mock Creation

 Our team of expert designers quickly brings your idea to life by creating a draft design 3D render of your gummy mold idea along with a prototype mold for you to test out and approve. The draft design and prototype mold are sent to you within 24 hours.



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Step #3: Master Mold Production

 After we receive your approval of the design and prototype, we use advanced computerized machinery to craft a master mold for your gummy mold design. This master mold is machined out of high tensile strength steel and will serve as a reverse cast into which our proprietary silicone blend is poured to produce your custom silicone mold.
Gummy bear mold design mock-up

Step #4: Silicone Mold Production

All of our silicone is FDA-approved food-safe silicone and guaranteed to be BPA free. Our commitment to using only the highest quality silicone ensures that you will enjoy years of reliable use from your molds AND that your product can be easily demolded (removed from the mold without injury to the product itself). As a result, you’ll be able to focus on creating a successful brand with superior products you can stand behind.
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Your molds are done.


The entire production process takes about three weeks, after which your custom silicone molds are shipped directly to you, anywhere in the world. 


Have questions?

Contact us and let’s discuss how Gummy Molds can turn your product dreams into reality.



Custom Silicone Molds

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